Courtesy of Chase Gaewski

At age five, I declared to my parents, "Talking is my life!" This was, and partially remains, my motto. My love for communicating has never wavered. Over the years, however, I've learned that my storytelling voice is stronger through a visual medium. I often times cannot articulate in words how a moment felt, but the expression on someone's face, the light in the image, the color palette or the composition says more than words could.

As a freelance visual communicator, I employ my technique and vision every day. Whether on Instagram using my Samsung Galaxy or with my trusty Nikon, I am always engaging my optic nerves to create compelling compositions. At the end of December, I returned from a four month trip across the pond where I produced photojournalistic work under the tutelage of well-acclaimed London-based photojournalist Judah Passow. While abroad, I explored various cities including Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, London, Snowdonia, Marrakech, Reykjavik, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This past summer, I embarked upon an independent study with a focus on the eldest of my religious congregation with National Geographic photographer Lynn Johnson. This project, "The Regulars" is still in progress.